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The work culture at DIFFERENTIAL ACADEMY is based on simple but the most powerful philosophy – "Commitment". This honest philosophy comes from the Founder and Chairman of the Institute. Since his erstwhile days, the Chairman has laid prime emphasis on commitment at work. Every associate at DIFFERENTIAL ACADEMY understands the significance of commitment in bringing innovation in what one does, and acknowledges it completely. This work culture equips a typical associate at Academy to work with utmost dedication in whatever job is given to him/her.
Team work amongst the associates is the second most vital characteristics in making DIFFERENTIAL ACADEMY a success story nationwide. A student can only get a thorough and flawless study material and classroom lecture, if the team which has worked behind it is efficient.
Work hard and party harder is the motto at DIFFERENTIAL ACADEMY. When it comes to fun-filled evenings, the associates make sure that the spirits touch the ceiling and turn jubilant to enjoy the fruits of hard work.
Attitude and Skill Sets in Requisition
At DIFFERENTIAL ACADEMY, we believe that attitude is what makes a person successful and not lone skills. The search for a perfect associate for DIFFERENTIAL ACADEMY starts at analysing the attitude of the candidate. Skills, however, are something which can be developed as per the requirement. Conversely, if the right attitude is not there in candidates, who are seeking entry into DIFFERENTIAL ACADEMY, then this is certainly not the place for them.
To be successful, an organization needs to identify the problem areas which exist. More often than not, the resolution to the problem lies with hiring the right resource, which has the capabilities to work out the solution for the organization. The problem can be perceived as a lock and the resource can be perceived as a key. Unless and until, the key is right, it will not open the lock, similar to a business situation where a business issue will not be solved unless the right resource works on it. Similarly, DIFFERENTIAL ACADEMY looks for the perfect key to open (solve) the lock like problems, which comes in its way to achieve even greater heights.
"We are a demanding and highly supportive employer"
DIFFERENTIAL ACADEMY offers compensation, which is not only higher than the industry standards but also illimitable for deserving candidates. It offers an entrepreneurial environment along with corporate outlook in a right mix to help its employees grow in all three dimensions: Money – Career – Intellect. To ensure a smooth induction, DIFFERENTIAL ACADEMY offers a specialized induction program for its teaching and non-teaching staffs. Institute has a well - defined employee development and support system.
Our 4 years of operational experience has helped us identify following attitudinal traits, which forms scale for selecting associates:
1. Commitment and Dedication
2. Team player
3. Loyalty and Reliability
4. Passion and zeal to excel
5. Leadership
6. Systematic approach
7. Industriousness
Teaching Staff
A candidate who can apply:
1. Aspires to make a career in teaching
2. Has command over subject matter
3. Has good command over spoken English
4. Has a winning attitude and appetite to face challenge
5. Has sincerity in actions and commitment in outlook
6. Needs an honest, transparent and supportive work culture which promotes talent Specific Requirement: Expertise in guiding students for exams like JEE (Main/Advanced), NDA, Engineering Entrance Exams, BOARDS, OLYMPIADS, etc.
Desired Profiles (for Faculty Positions):
• A M.Sc. (Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics) candidate graduated recently and is looking for opportunities in Engineering Entrance Exams training arena. Candidates already teaching in the training industry and has good success rate. OR
• Expert teachers in (Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics) working at any other training institute for preparing students for IIT-JEE and is keen to work in highly motivated & systematic environment. OR
• A B.Tech graduate from any University recognised by AICTE, looking for opportunities in the highly attractive & competitive IIT-JEE training field. OR
• Secondary School teachers who are keen to work in a highly motivated & higher-growth-oriented environment of School Board Exams.
Non-Teaching Staff
A candidate who can apply:
1. Aspires to make a career in booming education industry
2. Has skills which can dwarf competition
3. Has excellent communication skills
4. Has a winning attitude and appetite to face challenge
5. Has sincerity in actions and commitment in outlook
6. Needs an honest, transparent and supportive work culture which promotes talent Sales & Marketing
• Business Development: School programs, workshops, campus initiatives, team management etc.
• Brand Development: Promotion and events management, Road shows, school programs etc.
• Centre Management: Manage a team of teachers and administrative staff as an independent centre head
• Special Projects: Franchise Assignments, All India Tests, Contact Programs
What We Offer
• An excellent salary
• Great career path
• Intellectual growth
• Personal development
• Leadership opportunity
Apart from a first-rate salary, based on experience and qualification, we offer incredible perks and benefits. Graduates who are from top schools and exhibit good performance can achieve high salary bands within a very short span. Besides attractive packages, we provide unexpected hefty amount in terms of performance award at every annual function to those who outperform in their respective assignments.